4J School Board Special Meeting Notes 

- September 27, 2023 

Notes and commentary by Larry Lewin

As promised, here are my notes from the most recent Eugene 4j School Board meeting of Wednesday, Sept. 27, when the Board selected a replacement member for Laural O’Rourke who resigned.

Of the 23 applicants, 7 were voted as Finalists to be interviewed. Three applicants dropped out for various reasons, leaving 4. Whichever candidate received 4 of 6 votes would be selected.

Ericka Thessen

Laura McGinnis

Thomas Anil Oommen

Scott Fellman

In Round 1 members voted for their top choice: Maya Rabasa, Jenny Jonak, and Tom voted for Ericka; members Judy Newman and Rick Hamilton voted for Scott; member Morgan Munro voted for Laura McGinnis. No candidate received 4 votes.

In Round 2 members voted for 2 choices: Maya, Jenny, Judy, and Tom voted for Ericka who was selected with 4 votes. Thomas Anil and Scott received 3 votes; Laura 2 votes.

Ericka fills in the empty Position 2 through June 30, 2025. Her level of specificity on each question is commendable. She clearly has followed our district closely; she has served on the Budget Committee; she has/had children attending 4j schools; she cares and understands neurodivergent learners.

Congratulations to Ericka. I look forward to working with her in my advocacy for positive change to our district.

You can watch the school board meeting here. Our suggested timestamps:

Erica Thessen's recorded interview at the 4 mins. and 55 secs. timestamp. 

The Board voting in 2 Rounds begins at the 1hr and 37 secs timestamp.