4J School Board Special Meeting Notes - November 15, 2023 

First, Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, your friends and colleagues. 

View the Board Meeting Recording Here: http://krvm-1.shs.lane.edu/4j_board_meetings/Board_20231101.mp3

Here are my notes from the last Board meeting on Nov. 15 with my takes on some of the agenda items. You will notice that Janesta Soal Drumm commented on YG, but I was unable to hear her comments. Thank you, Janesta, and sorry. 

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions and if you know someone who might also like to receive these updates.


- Sheridan, Churchill

- Carrmen, SEHS

- Nellie. SEHS: The new weekly schedule is a problem. 

- Dusty, NEHS

Larry Lewin: The inclusion of student Board reps is very valuable, especially when they tell the Board issues that are arising in their schools. I salute Nellie from SEHS for raising this problem to the Board to keep them aware.

Larry Lewin: The ongoing unresolved issue of locating the Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elem School is being addressed by parents, teachers, and students. I salute them for their diligence and persistence in reminding the Board this issue needs to be resolved. Likewise to Valerie and Anne for addressing their issues. The Board serves the public, so the public must weigh in to the Board.

Larry Lewin: I like when Board members acknowledge the public speakers who signed up and showed up to speak on an issue. This is a respectful way to show the public they are listening. In my past experiences speaking to previous Boards, it was rare that any member said anything about my comments. Some never even looked at me as I spoke. This is better. 

I wish all members keep their individual comments brief; some speak way longer that others. In the past, the Board set time limits as they do with the public.

Supt Andy Dey presented on this topic: Last meeting 2 weeks ago he apologized for the lack of clarity and communication on his views and direction for this very important issue. He indicated that any reorganizing would be in place for next school year, and he is welcoming community input. He presented a slideshow with a timeline, but I cannot access it on the Dist web site yet. Historical perspective and Next steps. Dist realigned admin staff to school buildings for support. Elevate leadership to higher level. Bedrock to Instruction Dept. Concern, confusion, and mistrust.

Next Steps: targeted conversations community leaders to define what Equity means to our Dist; asked for input. Reach out to community groups. Feb, 2024, dedicated overseer to lead; my end of school year Plan in place. Success indicators: increase in student affinity groups; robust conversations with stakeholders; revised job descriptions for staff. Plan will evolve.

Board Reponse:

Larry Lewin: I don’t yet know why the changes are being considered. I know the Dept of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion grew very quickly with lots of staff hired, but I did not understand the structure. I am hoping the remodeling will prove to be clear and welcomed by the public.

Larry Lewin:  I couldn’t find this discussion and vote on the recording. That the Board was able to come to a conclusion about to reinstate these ongoing conversations with our employees is a good sign. It feels more and more to me that this new Board is fulfilling its campaign pledge to restore civility and compatibility even when they disagree. I like what I am seeing.]


Wed., Dec. 6, 2023, 7 p.m.

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