Sunday, October 13, 2019

100% Opt Out Movement
Opt Out of All 4j Standardized Tests

Here's why the 100% Opt-Out Movement matters: By parents expanding the concept and breadth of opting out, this could conceivably force the system to respond in an authentic, respectful and accountable way. It places the testing system on the defense, that is, they will have to justify the over 112 standardized tests given for an ever-expanding set of rationales. If it is in the student's interest to take a test such as ELPA, then parents can certainly make that choice. Right now, parents have no idea how many tests are given, which ones, what they are for, when they are given, etc. The system is unaccountable and gives as many tests as it wishes, whenever it wishes, and for whatever reason it wishes. This has got to stop and parents can be the ones to do it. But it will have to be a critical mass of parents, otherwise the system will run roughshod over parents' rights in order to safeguard the testing-based model of education.

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